A Muslim Woman’s Curiosity Leads Her to Christ

EFFIA comes to christ

In the remote villages of Northern Ghana, even a small group of Christians can make a remarkable difference! Effia*, a young Muslim woman grew up despising the minority of Christians that lived in her predominantly Muslim village. Despite her hatred toward them, she could not help but notice the love that Christians showed to each other; if one of the Christian farmers were sick, another would tend to their crops until they were healthy. What surprised Effia even further was the love that Christians showed to other Muslims and they way that they tried to live at peace with everyone.

As she left her village to attend secondary school, Effia met one of Call of Hope’s frontline workers and asked for a New Testament Bible. After sometime, Effia came to faith in Jesus and today she is able to receive counseling and guidance from Call of Hope’s team in Ghana. Deciding to follow Christ is not an easy decision to make when you are from a predominantly Muslim community and there is often intense backlash of persecution from other Muslims.

Effia's ‘funeral‘

After Effia made a decision to follow Christ, her parents and Muslim family were shocked. “How could someone who once hated Christians now be a Christian?” they wondered. Since she made the decision to become a Christian, she is considered dead to her family. Most would consider that to be a figure of speech, but Effia's family took measures one-step further by actually conducting a funeral with an empty grave. Even though she may be dead to her family, today Effie is alive in Christ and she is growing in the faith. Despite ridicule and shame from her family, Effia knew that there was know going back after experiencing the love of Jesus.

Please pray for Effia as she continues to encounter many trials, and please also remember the nation of Ghana as we are trusting in God to see more Muslims come to faith in Jesus.