Former Muslims are Reaching their Neighbors with the Gospel

Call of Hope Frontline workers hold a training conference for pastors in Africa.

"The man who formerly persecuted us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy." Galatians 1:23

The apostle Paul is one of the most influential figures of the Bible and he himself authored much of The New Testament. Before he was an Apostle, Paul (then named Saul), was famous for persecuting Christians and opposition to the teachings of Christ. But after a life-changing encounter with Jesus, God used Paul in remarkable ways to spread the Gospel.

Today, God is using a seemingly unlikely group of people to take The Gospel into the world of Islam – former Muslims. Over 200 of these indigenous Muslim background believers, all theologically trained, and all leaders in their ministries and communities carry out the work of Call of Hope. Christians who have come out of the Muslim world are uniquely positioned to share Christ with their neighbors for the following reasons:

Call of Hope frontline workers focus on forming authentic relationships with their Muslim neighbors. In Morocco, many men and women have come to know Christ through relational evangelism.   

Call of Hope frontline workers focus on forming authentic relationships with their Muslim neighbors. In Morocco, many men and women have come to know Christ through relational evangelism.



Muslims live all around the world. From the remote villages of Kenya, to the islands of Indonesia, to the Middle East, speaking the heart language of the land is a critical part of evangelism. Language however, is only a small portion of the cultural makeup of a given area.


Anybody who has spent time traveling can tell you the importance of understanding cultural differences. Of course from the United States to the Middle East, there are many differences; but what may be more surprising are the differences between certain Muslim denominations who reside in close proximity to each other. A believer in Christ who is from a Muslim background, who has grown up in the Muslim community has a perspective that few others will have, a perspective that makes a valuable difference when reaching others with the message of Christ.

All throughout the world, many Muslims are searching to answers to life's tough question. Frontline workers are coming along side these men and women with a message of hope in Christ.



The frontlines of Muslim evangelism are dangerous and potentially life threatening. In fact, much of the work of Call of Hope is not spoken about publicly due to the security risk that it would pose to those who are in the mission field. Frontline workers know the danger they are in, yet despite the peril, they are compelled with the love of Christ to share the Gospel with their Muslim neighbors.


The Bible tells us that we can overcome with “the word of our testimony”, and this is clearly seen on the frontlines of Muslim evangelism. Many Muslims are searching for answers to life’s most difficult questions, and hearing a personal testimony from a former Muslim has proven to be an effective ministry tool. In a world where Muslim converts face persecution from friends and family, hearing the personal account of the grace and love of the one true God is powerful.

Call of Hope's Frontline Workers

From the Middle East to Africa to Southeast Asia and Europe, Call of Hope’s Frontline Workers are serving tirelessly to proclaim the Gospel through a variety of creative and innovative means.  This includes literature production and distribution in the heart language of the people, indigenous radio broadcasts, internet resources designed specifically for Muslim seekers, relational evangelism, planting house churches, and providing life sustaining aid. The passion of the Frontline Workers is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to Muslims seekers desperate for a message of life, hope, and assurance!

With a foundation of prayer and giving by supporters all over the world, the ministry of Call of Hope has been built on the courageous and passionate labor of these mighty servants of God. They brave separation from family, extreme persecution, and even death, to reach out to their people and boldly proclaim the name of Jesus Christ!

Only through prayer and financial partnership can frontline workers continue the work that God has called them to, please keep these faithful servants in your prayers and consider giving a gift today!