Floods in Sudan destroy thousand of homes, dozens killed

Floods in Sudan have destroyed thousands of homes.

Heavy rainfall in Sudan has continued since last Wednesday in the Khartoum area of Sudan causing the destruction of thousands of homes in the region. Largely unreported by the media, tens of thousands of people remain displaced by the floods without access to shelter, food, and other necessities. 

Call of Hope has been working to spread the Gospel to the people of Sudan for over 40 years, and today they are in desperate need of our help. Call of Hope frontline workers are responding to this crisis by offering:

  • Blankets, tents, and shelter for families
  • Food parcels
  • Medicine and basic health assistance
  • A team of volunteers to distribute aid and assist flood victims
  • Prayer, trauma counseling, and the Gospel message

Call of Hope frontline workers are currently on the ground responding to both Christian and Non-Christian families who are in need of your prayers and support. With your help, we can physically assist flood victims, strengthen the body of local believers, and share the empowering message of the Gospel to Muslims. 


Would you give a gift today to partner with us in helping those who are displaced and in desperate need of our help?

Many Sudanese live in mud huts. After heavy flooding, thousands of these families have been displaced as their homes and possessions have been entirely washed away.