A Muslim Scholar Comes to Christ


Frontline workers have demonstrated time and again, that with God, all things are possible.

When Muslims come to faith in Christ through the ministry of Call of Hope, it's not uncommon for these former Muslims to be harassed by their Islamic teachers. However, sometimes these Islamic teachers actually come to faith in Christ themselves! That is the case of Ahmed*, a teacher of Islam who became a Christian as a refugee in Lebanon.

Ahmed is originally from Syria. like many, he was forced to relocate due to the war. He and his wife and three children found their way first to Saudi Arabia, and then to the refugee camps in Lebanon where his life would change forever! Ahmed's brother Omar had come to faith in Christ through the ministry of Call of Hope, and he consistently shared his faith with Ahmed. After many conversations and many prayers, Ahmed trusted Christ as his savior, and began to learn and grow, as he attended a church in the refugee camp where he lived. He was very intent on pursuing his faith and he often shared the Gospel with his neighbors and his family.

As you might suspect, those around Ahmed were not very accepting of his new-found faith in Christ. 

When his wife heard that he had become a Christian, she left immediately and sought a divorce. A week or so later, she returned and tried to work it out, but only if Ahmed would agree to renounce his faith and return to Islam. Every day she would threaten to take the children and leave him.

Things became very difficult and she began to threaten their young children. "If your father does not change, I am going to take you away from him." The constant threatening and turmoil were greatly affecting Ahmed's youngest daughter, Mariam. She actually enjoyed going to church with her father and hearing stories about Jesus. Sadly, this caused her mother to despise her. Although she was only 9 years old, she had to hold the burden of life as a refugee, as well as the threats of her mother on a daily basis. It became so hard for her that she had threatened to take her own life!

One day Ahmed was volunteering at the church Christmas celebration at the Call of Hope Center in the Bekaa Valley when he received a call with news no parent should ever hear. The hospital informed him that his daughter Mariam had hanged herself and had passed away at the hospital shortly after. The police investigated the matter and were not able to confirm with certainty if it was a suicide or if Ahmed's wife had been involved. 

After the incident, Ahmed'swife fled in the middle of the night to Syria with their two remaining children. She was stopped at the border and although she was allowed to proceed, they would not permit her children to go with her into Syria.

Today, Ahmed has been reunited with his children. Despite the terrible tragedy in his life, he continues to share the Gospel and proclaim the name of Jesus! As he continues to work through his grief, he has found joy in serving others and learning more about Christ. In his church home, the congregation has helped him look after his children, and have provided counseling for them. Call of Hope Frontline Workers have also come alongside him to counsel him through this tragedy and to provide friendship and hope. 

God is doing the seemingly impossible in the lives of Ahmed and his children. Despite the unspeakable tragedy, today, you can find them experiencing the joy of knowing Jesus!

Here's how you can pray:

  • Pray for Ahmed's continued safety, and pray that his testimony would be used to bring many in the refugee camps to Christ. Pray also that healing would continue in his Ahmed's heart, and those of his children
  • Pray for the safety of Frontline Workers and Christian converts in Lebanon.
  • Pray for finances that will resource Frontline Workers to reach more desperate refugees like Ahmed.

*Names are changed to protect the identity of Christian converts.