Widow and Children Find Christ as Refugees


A mother and her two children sat outside a destroyed home in Bagdad. The pile of ruins was the only thing left of their former home. Alone and afraid, this refugee family was looking for anyone who would help them!

"We are Shia Muslims. My husband was killed in Mosul by ISIS soldiers. We lost everything." the mother explained to our Frontline Worker in Iraq. "Is there anything you can do to help us?"

In this instance, we were able to provide food, clothing, and shelter to ease their burden and show the love of Christ. The widowed mother was filled with intense gratitude but she was baffled by this act of kindness.

"Why would you help us? No one helped us, not even Shias, just you Christians" she explained. Call of Hope workers knew that this was a great opportunity to share the Gospel. He read 1 John 4:8 with the woman and she was overcome with joy. "I want to learn more about this Jesus who gives love so freely."

Today she is coming to church regularly and her children attend Sunday school where they are able to be counseled through their traumatic experiences. 

On the embattled streets of the Iraqi capital, there are many women and Children in similar situations. Unfortunately, aid from large organizations ends up in the hands of men, and women and children are often neglected.

For this reason, Call of Hope Workers in Iraq are ministering specifically to women and children. In addition to food, clothing, and shelter; we have partnered with doctors in the area to ensure that these women and children are receiving the medical care that they need. Our ultimate goal is that refugees would come to know the great physician, Jesus, who can give them eternal healing and relief from pain!

This Christmas, Frontline Workers in Iraq are excited to be organizing a Christmas celebration for over 100 refugee children! For some, this will be the first time that they ever hear about the gift of Jesus coming to the world. Please keep these families in your prayers this Christmas season! 

Here is how you can pray:


  • Please pray that the hearts of refugee children and their parents would be open to the Gospel message.
  • Please pray that God would protect and care for refugee families in Iraq this winter.
  • Pray for financial provision so that our frontline workers in Iraq can minister to more women and children this Christmas and into the New Year!

P.S. If you want to be the answer to a child's prayer, click below to give to an Iraqi refugee family.