The Sewing Center: Equipping Young Women with Valuable Trade Skills and The Message of Christ

As the sun beats down on a blisteringly hot day, who in the world would be outside covered head-to-toe in all black? The answer…millions of women in India. 

You see, India is home to more Muslims than any other country besides Indonesia. In both Indian culture and the religion of Islam, life for women is extremely difficult.  

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), opportunity for women is more difficult than anywhere else in the world on some counts. When it comes to female economic participation, India is ranked 134 out of 136 countries. As you might imagine, the situation for Muslim women is even more dire.

Some areas of India are nearly 100% Muslim and many have not even heard the name of Jesus! In these locations, Call of Hope frontline workers have a practical ministry that is equipping young women with a valuable trade skill, and presenting the love and message of Christ.

The Sewing Center


In the Uttar Pradesh region, frontline workers have started a vocational training school to teach women how to sew. As they go through the curriculum, these young ladies learn the basics of operating a small tailoring businesses. In addition to learning a practical skill to support themselves and their families; these Muslim women are also hearing stories from the Bible and most importantly, the saving message of Christ. Recently about 50 women from Muslim families graduated from the sewing center! As diplomas were handed out, several of the girls were given a chance to share their testimonies, sing worship songs, recite their favorite Bible verse and more. All of this, in a part of the city that is nearly 100% Muslim.

A Muslim Girl Becomes a Christian Businesswoman

The sewing center facility is rented from a devout Muslim man within the village. When the man learned that the building was being used not only to teach sewing, but to teach the Bible – he was furious! In fact, the landlord’s very own daughter, Faitima, was attending the sewing school! His initial reaction was to terminate the lease contract and shut down the school, but he noticed such a dramatic change in his daughter's life, that he hesitated.

Not only did Fatima become remarkably proficient with her sewing skills, she was also strikingly more joyful at home. She would often come home singing songs about Jesus and she boldly told her parents that after reading the Bible she had become a Christian! Although her father was angry about Fatima new faith in Christ, he was so astounded with her transformation in attitude, that he has begun to accepted it. Despite her father’s wishes for her to remain quite about her faith, Fatima cannot help but talk about the love of Christ!

Fatima is just one of many who have come to faith in Christ in the training school. As the young women begin to operate their own businesses, many have become testimonies of the love and faithfulness of God! Through the sewing center in India, and through the power of the Gospel, Muslim women are being mobilized and empowered to learn a trade and acquire the ability to care for their families. They have become a shining light for Christ, in the midst of the darkness of Islam. 

How can you be a part of this life-changing project?

For just $36 you can sponsor a student from enrollment to graduation at our sewing school. Over the 6-month curriculum, you’re giving them more than just the chance to learn a sewing skill; you’re giving freedom from economic limitations, and eternal freedom in Christ. Imagine the lasting impact you can have on the life of a young girl for just $36.

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Small scale models of clothing articles hang on the wall to give sewing students an example to follow. 

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