Eye doctor’s office sees the light from blind refugee

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In the Bekaa valley of Lebanon, where millions of Syrian refugees have settled in the wake of civil war, God is using an unlikely group of people to spread the Gospel message! 

In this region of Lebanon, Call of Hope operates a center for Blind and Disabled refugees. One might expect this center to be filled with sadness. After all, if anyone should have a reason to be downcast, it would be a refugee with a challenging disability. Life for these children is very difficult and they are treated as the lowest class in their society!

However, children in the call of hope center aren't sad at all. In fact, everywhere they go, they radiate the joy of Christ. As you step into the center, your ears are filled with beautiful voices singing worship songs, laughter, and testimonies of God’s faithfulness. How could blind children, many who became disabled as a result of the war, be so happy? 

If you ask them, they can’t wait to tell you. “I know one day I will be able to see Jesus face to face. He will give me new eyes and I will be able to see. My time here on the earth is only temporary compared to being with Jesus forever.” a young girl explained in her native language. 

Here in the center, both Shia and Sunni refugees are receiving treatment together and worshipping Christ together. This is astonishing when you consider the deep-rooted hatred between these two Muslim sects; as well as the difficulties they face from their Muslim families after becoming Christians.


Blind children often visit a nearby eye doctor to receive treatment. As they sit in the waiting room, they are so happy and joyful that those around them began to take notice. Finally, after several visits, the receptionist asked a young girl named Tamar, “why are you so happy all the time?” Tamar responded by telling the woman about the hope and joy she has in knowing Jesus. Every week, Tamar and the other blind children freely talk about Jesus at the eye doctor’s office. Finally, the doctor himself began to ask our Frontline Worker in Lebanon, Brother Youssef, many questions about Christ!  

Astonishingly, after several meetings and deep conversations, this Muslim eye doctor assistant placed her faith in Jesus and became a Christian! It truly is a remarkable testimony, God can use anyone! Even refugee children who are blind and disabled can have a profound impact for the kingdom of God! Today even the eye doctor himself continues to express interest in Christ.

We hope this story inspires you! After all, each of us has a unique gifting that God can use. Our prayer is that you would allow God to use you today! 

You can reach Muslims for Christ by partnering with believers in Lebanon and other regions through your prayer and giving. Please consider a financial gift to help blind and disabled refugees today. Together we are providing the message of Christ to a Muslim world in desperate need!

In Christ,

The Call of Hope Team