The Story of The Goat Project

All across Africa, entire villages are being transformed with the love of Christ demonstrated with the gift of a goat! This remarkable project has changed the lives of thousands of children.  

But how did it start?

In Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, God gave Call of Hope a culturally appropriate method to connect with the people - Farmer Evangelism. Due to the rich agricultural area that makes up much of the land of these countries, most of the villagers have become farmers to feed and support their families. 

Call of Hope Farmer Evangelists are trained in effective small-scale agricultural production, which they use to assist their neighbors and eventually start conversations about Jesus.

In order to help the children in these rural African villages, Farmer Evangelists introduced The Goat Project. A remarkable idea that created a pathway to help pay for schooling, as well as open hearts to the Gospel. 

A Farmer Evangelist provides a female goat to both Christian and Muslim families. When the goat produces offspring, they can be sold at market and the proceeds can be used for school fees and other necessary items for the children to receive their education.

Since its inception, over 10,000 goats have been provided to vulnerable children and their families in Ghana  Nigeria and Kenya!


Become a part of this remarkable project today, give a goat of your own!