The Application of Sharia Law by ISIS


The common opinion among both Muslims and non-Muslims is that the acts of ISIS have nothing to do with the actual practice of Islam. After all, it can difficult to justify such acts like the massive beheading of prisoners of war, the burning of people alive, the enslavement of young girls, or the destruction of churches.

However, if you take a deeper look into major works of Sharia, you’ll see that ISIS actually follows the teachings and practice of Mohammed to the letter! Sharia demands, for example, the killing of Muslims that have apostatized from Islam.

A Muslim becomes an apostate, for example, if he stops believing in Allah and becomes a Christian. Or if he questions Mohammed’s “authority as a prophet”. He also becomes an apostate if he deliberately misses the Islamic ritual prayer. Militant Islamists, such as the ISIS in the Middle East, Boko Haram in northern Nigeria or Al-Shabab in East Africa often attack complete settlements, randomly killing its inhabitants. Sharia law gives a clear permit for such mass murder as well. One important Sharia authority comments: 

“If the inhabitants of a place do apostate from Islam, this place is considered the house of unbelief. The adults are executed; their children and their property become loots of the Muslims.”

What is the Answer?

The frontlines of Muslim Evangelism can be extremely dangerous. Despite the peril, our Frontline Workers are boldly proclaiming Christ to even the most militant Muslims. Since Call of Hope workers are indigenous former Muslim themselves, they are uniquely equipped to share the Gospel. Already, many have come to Christ, including former ISIS terrorists. The one thing Frontline Workers ask for more than anything else is that we here in the U.S would faithfully commit to prayer and financial support.