When the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal and India, homes, businesses, churches and infrastructure in cities and the surrounding region were decimated.

Constant aftershocks hampered recovery efforts and tens of thousands of men, women and children were left sleeping outside in the streets in fear of more devastation. Collapsed buildings, impassable roads, downed power and communication lines, and the treacherous terrain made it hard for outside agencies to access the area. 

But because of a long-standing presence in Nepal, Call of Hope frontline workers were already there to offer care and hope. Even though the Call of Hope center was demolished, as well as the homes of several team members, they moved into action to provide help to those around them. Many Muslims and Christians in the area were overlooked by government relief efforts, so our team focused on helping those in urgent need. 

In the midst of their own loss, Call of Hope frontline workers labored diligently to distribute food, tents and other life sustaining relief supplies to neighboring quake victims. Teams were also deployed to help remove debris, set up make shift shelters , and provide other physical and spiritual assistance to families grieving the loss of loved ones.