Banking on a goat during tough times!


Any financial advisor could tell you that it’s wise to have an emergency fund. When unexpected circumstances arise, you’ll know you have some money put away to cover bills, put food on the table, or handle emergencies. 

Like many children in rural Africa, Malekbi Nlessan comes from a deeply impoverished home. His family couldn’t afford to send him to school, let alone pay for supplies like a backpack and clothing. He has only ever known a life of scarcity. The idea of a “savings account” would be a far off dream for the Nlessan family. But EVERYTHING changed when Malekbi received a goat from Call of Hope.

You see, the goat has not only provided a way for Malekbi to go to school. It has acted just like an emergency account for the entire family. As the goat produces offspring, the Nlessan family can sell them at market to make ends meet. For the first time in their lives, the family has been able to afford health insurance, bountiful food, school fees and supplies, and have a backup plan for emergencies. 

When money is in short supply, the Nlessans no longer need to worry! As they gather around the dinner table, they earnestly thank God for the gift of a goat and the remarkable difference it has made for their life. After all, it’s not a savings account that we put our faith in, and its not an animal either. We know that God is our provider, and so does Malekbi.