Muslim girl finds Christ after overcoming family trauma


"You meant evil against me, but God used it for good." Genesis 50:20

Just as God has done throughout history, He is making a way in situations that seem impossible. Despite the overwhelming stories of women being mistreated in the Muslim world, be encouraged! God is raising up many bold Christian women to proclaim the Good News to Muslims!
One of these new believers is a young woman named Serwa. In a small rural area in Ghana, Serwa caught the attention of our Frontline Worker, Bro. Addae. In a village full of indigenous Ghanaians all speaking the local Dagbani language, Serwa spoke nearly perfect English. How could a young woman from rural Africa speak so well?

As Addae discovered, God was working His perfect plan in Serwa‘s life to turn bad things around for His glory.

Serwa grew up as a Muslim and survived a very difficult childhood. 
She has never known her mother. When she was just a baby, her parents went through a bitter divorce. Soon afterward, her father abandoned her completely and sent her to stay with her aunt in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.
Rather than being sent to school, as she expected, Serwa was forced to earn money by selling rice and beans to an upper-class crowd. Her earnings were not even hers to keep because year after year, her aunt would take her money to support her own children. 

She was treated as an outcast by the only family she had. Eventually the trauma she endured from her aunt in Accra was too much, and she fled back to her home village in northern Ghana.
This is where the Lord revealed His plan to adopt her into God's family.

It was while selling rice and beans to her wealthy, English-speaking customers in Accra that Serwa learned the language for herself, without any schooling. As Serwa talked with Bro. Addae, she had so many questions about why she had to experience all these difficulties growing up.

This conversation opened a door for Addae to share the Gospel with her for the first time. Serwa found herself immediately interested in Jesus. She saw the joy that Christians in her village had and she needed to know more. 

Even after hearing about a God that loves her and wants a relationship with her, she still expected Jesus to disappoint her, just like her family had.

Through the perseverance of Bro. Addae, Serwa eventually accepted the invitation to attend a Call of Hope Christian seminar in Tamale. This is where Serwa first opened her heart to Jesus and began to believe that God truly wouldn’t let her down.

With a renewed hope, Serwa committed her life to Christ and enrolled in the Call of Hope boarding school. After years of broken promises, she finally has the chance to attend school for the first time in her life. As she grows in her academic capacity, she is also growing in knowledge of the Bible and growing closer to her Heavenly Father. 

Today, she is  planted in a local Bible believing church. Although her family has abandoned her, she has a new family of brothers and sisters in Christ. Everyday she is eager to tell others about Jesus, even her Muslim friends and neighbors!

Serwa's powerful testimony is one of many examples of how God is raising up women in the Muslim world. Even in areas where women are often oppressed, the Gospel is setting them free!

P.S. As we approach International Women's Day on March 8th. Call of Hope is excited to share inspiring stories like Serwa's testimony. Even more importantly, we want to cover women in the Muslim world with our prayers and financial gifts so more women like Serwa can experience the freedom of knowing their Creator and Savior. 

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