BREAKING NEWS: Crisis in Sudan opens short window for the Gospel

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Khartoum, Sudan — Massive demonstrations have broken out in Sudan leading to a military coup that has overthrown Sudanese president Omar al Bashir.  Since 1989 he has ruled Sudan with brutal oppression; killing of his own people, and ordering harsh persecution and expulsion of Christians. Over the last several months thousands of Sudanese took to the streets protesting this ruthless and violent regime. 

On April 11, just two days ago, Bashir was overthrown. The Sudanese constitution has been suspended, and a military transitional government has been installed. However, the demonstrations are continuing and people are demanding a civilian lead government. Consequently, the country remains in a state of instability with little to no police presence on the streets.

New Opportunities for Evangelism
& Freedom for our Frontline Workers

Today, our Frontline Workers are rejoicing that they are temporarily free from oppression but they ask that we would all join with them in prayer that the new government would abandon the persecution of the past and support evangelistic efforts throughout the country.

While this is a very difficult and dangerous situation, it also affords the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus by providing aid to the people, and proclaiming the saving message of salvation!  As this is a turbulent and uncertain time, we do not know how long we will have to openly share the Gospel in the country.

As we spoke to our director in Sudan, we could hear the concern in his voice for the future of his country, but we also sensed the excitement he has for this unexpected opportunity to show the people of Sudan how much Jesus loves and cares for them

Raw footage from Frontline Workers shows the intense and violent situation in Sudan.

Prayer and Support Request

This is a crucial time frame where our Frontline Workers can finally experience the freedom to share the Gospel without government interference. At the same time we can show the love of Christ by providing aid packages to citizens in a time of grave uncertainty.

Your prayers and gifts to reach the nation of Sudan are urgently needed! Many who have never heard the message of Jesus can experience the love of Christ for the first time!

Right now Frontline Workers Need:

Christian Literature......................$8
Aid Packages..............................$12

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