BREAKING NEWS: Bloodshed in Sudan as the people protest for a civilian government

Khartoum, SUDAN Just a month ago, we received news from our Frontline Workers in Sudan regarding massive demonstrations protesting ruthless former president Omar al Bashir.  

Today the situation has become even more serious as civilian protesters violently clash with current military government officials. The military forces who now sit in power have agreed to a transition of power to the people.

Then, yesterday the situation took a turn when, for the first time, the military attacked protesters killing six people.

In this raw footage from our Frontline Workers you can see that live ammunition is being fired during protests in Khartoum. We encourage you to join us in prayer for the nation and its people.

An opportunity for evangelism among the chaos.

The anti-Christian constitution of the previous dictator, Bashir, is no longer in effect, and the current demonstrations displayed by the protests offer a unique window of opportunity for Frontline Workers.

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While this is a violent and dangerous situation, it also affords the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus by going into the crowds and providing aid and comfort in the form of cold water, food, and most importantly, by freely sharing the Gospel message. 

As protesters risk their lives to experience the freedom of a civilian government, our Frontline Workers are willing to take the same risk so that others can experience the spiritual freedom of a relationship with Christ. Since the former government had outlawed Christian evangelism, this time of uncertainty is a unique window to share Christ with a nation in turmoil.

Right now, your prayers and gifts to reach the nation of Sudan are urgently needed! Many who have never heard the message of Jesus can experience the love and comfort that only He can provide!


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