A Learned Muslim Turns to Christ

“I heard the Gospel, and it changed my life. Can I meet you tomorrow?”

These are the powerful words of a Afryea, a brave young woman in Ghana.

Afryea had just overheard one of Call of Hope’s weekly radio broadcast in her native language of Dagbani. Unfortunately, on the day of our scheduled meeting we had a call that Afryea’s baby boy, Suhiyini, was hospitalized; so we decided to visit her in the hospital with a team of evangelists.

At the hospital, she was told her breastmilk was not sufficient for the survival of the baby, explaining the baby’s pale and malnourished appearance. It became clear that Afryea could not afford the hospital bills or a sufficient supply of milk supplement for little Suhiyini.

Our immediate decision to cover her payments had Afryea breaking down in tears as she narrated her ordeal step by step.

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“For the past two weeks, I have been running away from my husband with my baby. My Muslim husband who is also involved in occultism attempted to sacrifice our four-month old baby for money rituals. I was devastated and scared of him and his actions as he tried several times to take my baby boy away from me.

I spent sleepless nights hiding and staying with friends. It was one of those nights, I heard of your radio message on John 8:32, ‘Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.’ Here you were talking about total freedom in Jesus. Please I am tired of everything; I want to handover my life to Jesus in exchange of that freedom! Please tell Jesus for me!”


In response, we told her how to start a relationship with Christ. We prayed with her and after receiving Jesus, you could see the weight that had been lifted off of her shoulders. A woman weighed down by grief was suddenly filled with the joy of the Lord!

For her own safety, Afryea went to stay with her uncle in Northern Ghana where she thought she would finally be able to rest and have protection from her abusive husband. It wasn’t long before her uncle saw that she wasn’t observing their typical Muslim customs and she was no longer praying Muslim prayers. In response, her and her baby were kicked out and back on the run yet again.

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In tears, she returned to her closest friend for shelter. Despite her difficult struggle, Afryea is receiving support from her new church family. As she grows in the Lord, Frontline Workers are actively seeking a permanent solution for Amina where her and her child can feel safe and be free to grow closer to Christ.

Despite the challenges of finding a place to stay with her son, a lack of nurishment for the baby, and the painful rejection by family, Afryea is still determined to drink deep from the Lord’s well. She has started reading COH Christian Literature and she reads her Bible daily. We Praise God that Afryea has found support in the family of Christ!

Prayer and Support Request

Please keep Afryea in your prayers as we keep you updated on her situation. Sadly, there are many stories of women who are still experiencing persecution and abuse after making the decision to become a Christian. Please keep these women in your prayers and pray for the safety of Frontline Workers as they offer support and assistance in dangerous parts of the world.