Family of 9/11 Hijacker Comes to Christ

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Every American could tell you exactly where they were during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

As the dust settled and the smoke cleared, we mourned as a nation for the lives that were lost, and many drew closer to the comforting arms of Christ. We serve a big God and he can be near to so many people at once.

However, God wasn’t just comforting people in the U.S. that day. Across the world, God was working in the lives of the family members of the very people who carried out these terrorist attacks!

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Karim, from Lebanon remembers the infamous day very well. "I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it was some sort of western propaganda that was designed to trick us Muslims. I just didn’t think it was possible for a country like the U.S. to be attacked this way" he recalled.

In the days that followed the attacks, Karim received even more startling news. He saw the photo of his own cousin, Ziad, pop up on TV. They named him as one of the hijackers!

Karim and his cousin Ziad grew up in a typical Muslim home. They studied in school together. They played soccer together. They even attended the same Mosque together. He couldn’t believe that his cousin would ever go to such an extreme!
It was eating away Karim that his cousin would ever do anything like this. He knew he had to talk to someone about it. The first person that came to mind was the Call of Hope Frontline Worker, brother Youssef, who he had met earlier that year.
Karim knew Youssef to be a man of wisdom. As head of the Call of Hope center for the blind and disabled, he had helped many people through difficult times, including Karim’s blind family members.
"Brother Youssef was very patient with me and my questions. He gave me a Bible and asked me to read from it. After many months of Bible reading and prayers, I finally found Peace in Jesus." Karim explained.
After receiving Christ, Karim began to serve at the Call of Hope center. He volunteered his time regularly to help the blind and disabled, and to share his faith with other Muslims in the area.

It’s amazing how God can transform even the most unlikely people!

Today Karim is filled with joy and eagerly looks for areas to serve and tell others about the difference Christ has made in his life. When Youssef is away, Karim manages all operations at the COH center, ministering to the disabled, helping Muslims, and sharing his testimony of how God turned his heartbreak into joy!
This story is an important reminder that God can use anyone! If God touched your heart through Karim's testimony, please pray for him and consider giving a gift so that Call of Hope can reach more Muslims with the Gospel!