West Africa

How Farmers in Africa are Revolutionizing Ministry to Muslims


Although the Gospel message and God’s Word itself is unchanging, the presentation of the Good News is often adapted for each group that is receiving it. In Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, God gave Call of Hope a culturally appropriate method to connect with the people - Farmer Evangelism. Due to the rich agricultural area that makes up much of the land of these countries, most of the villagers have become farmers to feed and support their families.

Call of Hope Farmer Evangelists are trained in effective small-scale agricultural production, which they use to assist their neighbors and eventually start conversations about Jesus. The evangelists begin by planting crops on a leased plot of land, as the crops begin to grow, nearby villagers take notice and want to know how to improve their own farm productivity, beginning a conversation. Curiosity about farming methods and fertilizer leads to relational evangelism and the presentation of the Gospel message to Muslim farmers. When enough people in a village have come to faith in Christ, a church is established, believers are nourished in the Word of God, and are able to have fellowship one with another.


The Farmer Evangelist project has been remarkably successful. Many churches have been planted and more than 80 farmer evangelists have been placed in villages across the region! As the Gospel message continues to spread and seeking Muslims are coming to faith in Christ, Call of Hope has made discipleship training a priority. Every two months, the farmer evangelists gather for a time of encouragement and training in the Word of God. Despite strong opposition, the Good News of Jesus Christ is setting free villagers who were once bound by the chains of Islam.

A Family’s Unbelievable Transformation from an Unlikely Gift


We all want the best for our families. The Duwani family in Ghana is no different. Every year they come together to work hard on the family farm simply to cultivate enough crops to feed themselves. In years past, when the harvest was meager, they barely had enough to survive the season. As you might imagine, living in such scarcity doesn’t leave a lot of room to provide for schooling and health care for the Duwani’s 4 children.  Today, the situation is very different, thanks to a gift from a Call of Hope donor like you. 

Years ago, a donor provided a goat to Mawuli, the oldest son in the Duwani family. Looking back, it’s clear that the single goat began a chain reaction that has affected the entire family! Today, the Duwani family is thriving, and it all started with one goat. 

“The goat given to our child gave birth to two baby goats and within a span of two years we had many goats from the offspring of the first goat” Mr. Duwani recalls. “Everyday our children would pray that God should protect their goats from diseases,” God answered their prayers, and none of the Duwani goats suffered any sickness, despite the fact that much other livestock in their village died from illness! 


The multiplication of the goat marked the financial breakthrough for the family. Though the goat was given to one person, the benefits affected everyone! “Through the goats, our son was able to finance his education to the college level and has since become a professional teacher.” Mrs. Duwani exclaimed! In fact, the goats also financed the schooling for Mawulis younger brothers and sisters! 

Paying for school was just the beginning, the goats also allowed the Duwani family to purchase health insurance for every child. For the first time in their family history, the children were able to receive check-ups and attention from a doctor when they were sick! When health insurance wasn’t enough to cover the cost of treatment, they simply sold one of the goats to offset the cost!

During lean years, when the harvest didn’t yield enough crops for the family, they simply sold a goat at the market to help put additional food on the table. Every night as the family gathers to eat, they remember the years prior when they had to scrape by with very little food. Now they praise God for the bounty that they are now able to share with others! When Muslim neighbors ask about the tremendous transformation in the family, they are always ready to give thanks to God and share this testimony of God’s faithfulness!