Strengthening the Pakistan Church in the Wake of the Easter Tragedies

"And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." John 16:3

In the midst of Easter celebration on March 27th, a targeted attack on Christians occurred in Lahore, Pakistan. More than 80 people died and more than 400 were seriously injured – most of them children. The suicide attacker blew himself with the words “Allah is great”. The terror group that claimed responsibility pledged more attacks against Christians and children. Since Call of Hope has had a presence in Pakistan for decades, frontline workers were able to respond quickly to this attack by providing life sustaining aid in the form of medical assistance, food parcels, spiritual counsel, Bibles, and Christian literature.

Unfortunately, attacks of this nature happen on a regular basis in Pakistan. 2 years ago, the attack on a school in Peshawar killed 148 people, most of them children. Last spring, two bombings occurred in Pakistani churches, 150 Christian homes were burned to the ground, and young couple was burnt alive simply because they served Jesus. Christians in Pakistan are fully aware that the moment they step into a church service; they have become a terrorist target. But they remain steadfast in the faith; churches remain full, and God has given the Pakistani Church boldness to proclaim the Gospel to Muslims.

To encourage believers, Call of Hope hosts annual training seminars that provide rich biblical teaching and allow Christians to connect with one another. Each seminar includes a valuable Q&A time that always inspires deep discussions about many faith issues. Additionally, frontline workers respond to acts of terror, persecution, and even natural disasters such as the earthquake that hit Pakistan last October. In the churches of Pakistan, God has strengthened congregations with boldness despite the clear danger of serving Christ in this part of the world. 

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