Give a Christmas Gift to a Child that has been Affected by Terrorism

Christmas of Hope was designed with one simple purpose in mind: to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children around the world who have been impacted by the horror of terrorism.

      Deaths from terrorism have risen by 80% in the last year, leaving most without adequate food, shelter, and life sustaining supplies. Two of the hardest hit nations are Syria and Nigeria, where Islamic extremist groups have killed and injured scores of innocents, torn families apart, and exploited many precious children. 

In Syria, the radical group ISIS is systematically subjecting children to indoctrination and training them to become child soldiers filled with hate. Those fortunate enough to escape war and the evil intentions of terrorists, are forced to leave their homes and relocate in search of safety. In refugee camps outside of Syria, children are forced to brave freezing winters in makeshift shelters often without sufficient food or supplies. 

In West Africa, another Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, is terrorizing the country of Nigeria and is in many cases targeting children.  The attacks occur on a regular basis and include bombings, shootings, kidnapping, and recruitment of children to join there terrorizing force. Children in northern Nigeria have been robbed of their childhood as everyday they fear for their lives.

As we prepare to shop for loved ones on our Christmas list, please consider giving a gift to those who are in need. Your small act of generosity makes a world of difference to these children. Together, we can provide comfort, care and the tangible love of Christ to children who have been affected by terrorism.


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