The Moody CHurch

As Islam rapidly spreads around the world, the church of Jesus Christ holds the only answer – to respond to our Savior’s call by sharing the gospel with Muslims in every nation.  One ministry, obeying and echoing Christ’s commission, is Call of Hope.

Call of Hope’s evangelistic outreach and literature has been biblical and effective for over a century.  More than 200 national Muslim-background believers have been theologically trained to carry out the work of Call of Hope work in 22 countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Employing avenues like radio, literature, medicine, sports, disaster relief, skills training, and church planting, Call of Hope reaches Muslims for Christ and supports persecuted Christians.

I have personally taught alongside Call of Hope’s directors and can endorse these leaders as wise stewards and faithful servants.  The training and resources they provide empower ministers, missionaries, and believers around the globe to share the gospel with Muslims.  To reach the estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in our world today, every believer in Jesus Christ must be equipped to reach out with love and respect to our Muslim neighbors.  This is the mission of Call of Hope.

I commend the leaders and work of Call of Hope to you.  Their mission equips, partners, and reaches out in effective means.  Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to support Call of Hope.  Today more than ever, as Christ’s return draws near, this important work must be furthered.

All for the Kingdom,

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
Pastor Emeritus
The Moody Church in Chicago

Wheaton college

I have known Call of Hope for many years.  The first time I became familiar with literature and ministry of Call of Hope was when I began my studies on ministry to Muslims in the 1970s.  As a missionary in Europe, I used the literature of Call of Hope in my ministry to Muslims.  I am impressed with the quality of research and the vast knowledge that the writers bring to their craft.  Call of Hope is a strategic ministry.  The literature stays true to it’s calling with producing quality evangelistic material that respects and understands Muslims and sensitivity introduces Christ to them.  Their projects are strategic as they partner with nationals.

I heartily commend to you the work of Call of Hope.  They are wise stewards of the resources entrusted to the ministry.  Their “hands on” projects, are strategic and clearly make a difference.

Thank you for however you choose to support their effort, as well as partner with them in advancing the Kingdom of Christ among Muslims.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Dr. Roy Oksnevad
Director of Muslim Ministries
EFCA All People

Moody bible institute

For the last ten years Call of Hope has had a presence on the campus of Moody Bible Institute.  They have annually presented seminars at the MBI Pastors’ Conference, the annual Missions Conference, and lectured in our missions classes.  The directors of Call of Hope have been on our campus numerous times.  I have had the opportunity to interact with them on several occasions and have great respect for their passion and leadership.  Some of our World Missions Department faculty members have worked closely with the organization in a variety of ministry locations around the globe.

I believe this organization is a key ministry in making the gospel known to Muslims.  They have a long history of faithful proclamation and literature distribution in some of the most difficult and resistant nations.  They are respected by national pastors and Christians globally.

I would therefore ask for your prayerful consideration of supporting this organization.  I believe the work they are doing is strategic and worthy of our assistance and prayers.


Dr. Timothy Sisk 

Associate Dean of Faculty Development
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Moody Bible Institute 

Will you partner with Call of Hope to advance the Kingdom of Christ among Muslims?