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When you partner with Call of Hope, an organization that has an established track record of advancing the Gospel, you can put your mind at ease. You can feel very confident that every dollar you give is stretched to its fullest.
— David Zuperku, Director of Global Outreach, The Moody Church in Chicago
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Africa is home to 75% of the world's poorest countries.

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Goats are given to both Muslim and Christian children in rural areas.

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Children are able to sell goat offspring to earn money.

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With the money they earn, children can pay for school fees and supplies.

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I have personally taught alongside Call of Hope’s directors and can endorse these leaders are wise stewards and faithful servants. I recommend the work of Call of Hope to you. Their mission equips, partners, and reaches out in effective means. Today more than ever, as Christ’s return draws near, this important work must be furthered.
— Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus, The Moody Church in Chicago
Call of Hope works with nationals in each country. It’s comforting to know that these Frontline Workers have been in these countries for years and they plan on staying until the work is finished.
— Buffy Layne, Missions Director, Kempsville Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, VA
I had the honor of going to Ghana and to see first-hand how impactful the gift of a goat can be. When I saw the practical difference it made and the joy it gives to each child, I knew I wanted to get involved.
— Steve Keller, Senior Pastor, Kempsville Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, VA