Short-Term Mission Trips


Call of Hope


Reaching Muslims for Christ worldwide is the primary mission of Call of Hope and has been for over 100 years.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, coupled with inherent security precautions, the vast majority of our ministry is conducted by national or indigenous Christians, predominantly from a Muslim background themselves.

However, there are select opportunities in several of the countries in which we work.  Our co-workers in these countries welcome the involvement of short-term mission teams and see the fruit of their partnerships. In these countries, a short term mission team from your church can be recruited, trained and commissioned to serve for a week or two alongside one or more of our Call of Hope “front-line workers.”

A short term mission trip with Call of Hope provides a unique opportunity for your team to witness and experience up close, what God is currently doing to gather Muslims to Himself. Additionally, your team can participate in some of the day-to-day ministry operations in the country they visit.

Call of Hope is pleased to identify and suggest three nations that will provide a meaningful opportunity to participate in the ongoing ministry outreach to Muslims. These nations are safe for your team, and fruitful to the work of the Lord!



Historically, one of the most “gospel-open” nations in Africa, Ghana has a large population of Christians in the south. The northern part of Ghana however is predominately Muslims and provides a wonderful opportunity for Call of Hope “front-line workers” and short-term missionaries to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ! Depending on the skills available on your team, they may be able to teach English classes, work in a carpentry shop, participate in a goat distribution and/or teach vocational skills to Ghanaian women. Ghana is a very safe, secure and welcoming country in which your team can serve!



A Middle Eastern nation located at the northern border of Israel, Lebanon has a large Christian population and is also a reasonably safe and secure country for short-term mission ventures! Lebanon has generously provided refugee sanctuary in recent years for Syrians fleeing the conflicts in their home country.  “Tent cities” have been established in Lebanon's famous Bekaa Valley and many Syrians call those tent camps home. Call of Hope “front-line workers” are able to assist with humanitarian aid as well as share the Gospel with these stranded yet open Muslim families. Another largely un-reached population in Lebanon is the blind and disabled.  Call of Hope also has an active work among the blind and disabled in Lebanon.  Depending on the skill set of your team, they may be able to serve people in the Bekaa Valley and/or also work with blind and disabled people in Beirut, Lebanon's capitol.



Call of Hope “front-line workers” have been connecting with Muslim populations in India for many years. The recent twin earthquakes in Nepal, India's neighbor to the north, offered unique opportunities for Call of Hope “front-line workers” to engage with Muslims in northern India by distributing food, tents, medical help and of course Gospel literature to those affected by the disaster. Your short term mission team can serve under the leadership of one of our Call of Hope “front-line workers” to provide humanitarian aid, work with children, and present the Gospel in some of the most desperate slums of Delhi, India's capitol and largest city.

We're grateful for your interest in making the sacrifice to travel to the “front lines” of Muslim ministry and serve alongside our Call of Hope “front-line workers!” If you have any questions, discussion points or if you're ready to move forward on trip planning, please contact: or leave a message in the box below:

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