Ministry to Muslims for more than 100 years...

For over a century, Call of Hope has been making the Gospel accessible to Muslims through creative media, relational evangelism, discipleship, Humanitarian aid and church planting initiatives. More than 200 indigenous Muslim background believers, all theologically trained, and all leaders in their ministries and communities, carry out the work of Call of Hope in 26 Muslim countries from the Middle East to Africa to Southeast Asia.

Where We Work

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Bulgaria Morocco Sudan Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania Ghana Nigeria Zambia Mozambique Zimbabwe Namibia Gambia India Pakistan Indonesia Bangladesh Nepal Afghanistan Azerbaijan Iran Iraq Jordan Israel Turkey Lebanon United States of America LEARN MORE HELP TODAY AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijan and in some areas of Iran. We also plant churches, disciple new believers, organize youth meetings, train new Christians to share their faith and so much more. Nearly 85% of the population of Azerbaijan is Muslim. Call of Hope produces and distributes literature and CDs in Azerbaijani language throughout LEARN MORE HELP TODAY INDIA Call of Hope frontline workers are able to distribute Christian booklets in many native languages across the country. We also offer vocational training for women, disaster relief, and support for families living in the Delhi slums. India is the home to the second largest population of Muslims; some areas are almost 100% Muslim. In a country with many language barriers, LEARN MORE HELP TODAY AFGHANISTAN Call of Hope is working to reach this population through the distribution of Christian booklets that answer the questions Muslims have about Jesus and the Bible. We also respond to natural disasters, terror attacks and times of crisis to show the tangible love of Christ. The population of Afghanistan is less than 0.1% Christian and there are 72 people groups who have never heard the Gospel message. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY PAKISTAN with a message of peace in Christ. We make evangelistic booklets available, counsel victims of terror attacks, operate a safe house for new Christian converts, operate a clinic for medical care, and run schools for children and adults needing vocational training. Less than 1% of the nation of Pakistan are professing Christians. In a nation that is often troubled with violence, Call of Hope is responding LEARN MORE HELP TODAY NEPAL We are also running a leadership development center to train the future leaders of Christian church in Nepal. When earthquakes and floods arise, Call of Hope responds with relief aid and the hope of the Gospel message. Just 1.2% of the population of Nepal are professing Christians. Call of Hope works to reach Muslims for Christ through radio and literature ministries. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY BANGLADESH their neighbors with the Gospel despite opposition. Through literature and Bible distribution, training seminars, and one on one meetings, Muslims across Bangladesh are hearing about the hope in Christ for the first time! Call of Hope has worked in the Muslim majority nation of Bangladesh since the late 1970s. Frontline workers commit each day to reach LEARN MORE HELP TODAY INDONESIA took to the airways to broadcast Biblical radio programs throughout the islands. Radio broadcasts are heard across the country over more than 50 radio stations! Muslims respond to the programs with questions about Christ and they are then able to receive counseling from frontline workers. We also run a Christian High School, offer leadership development, organize evangelistic outreaches, and give lifesaving aid during disasters. The islands of Indonesia are home to more Muslims than anywhere else in the world. Since we know that faith comes by hearing, Call of Hope LEARN MORE HELP TODAY MOROCCO When former Muslims become Christians, they are treated as outcasts and they are often put in very real danger. In response to this, we are planting churches, training local believers to share their faith, and operating safe house training centers for new believers who are often persecuted for their faith. In a country that is nearly 100% Muslim, Call of Hope is sharing the Gospel and supporting persecuted Christians in a number of ways. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY BULGARIA to minister to the large population of Turkish gypsies who are considered to be the lowest class of society. Since 1990 Call of Hope has been reaching thousands of Muslims with the Gospel message in Bulgaria. God has given us unique strategies LEARN MORE HELP TODAY TURKEY other cities throughout Turkey. Book fairs allow frontline workers to distribute evangelistic literature and Bibles, a very unique opportunity as it is nearly impossible to find these materials elsewhere. Evangelistic booklets are also used effectively in prison counseling. Hundreds of thousands are being reached with the Gospel message in Turkey through these unique strategies. Every year, frontline workers participate regularly in 4 to 5 book fairs per year in the huge metropolises of Istanbul and Ankara, as well as in various LEARN MORE HELP TODAY JORDAN online and in print. Radio programs are also written and produced on site and aired across the region to a potential listening audience of more than 200 million people. We are also actively caring for Syrian refugees who have settled in the region. In Jordan, Call of Hope concentrates on evangelistic outreach strategies, which include the production of Bible based resource materials both LEARN MORE HELP TODAY LEBANON and the love of Christ from Call of Hope frontline workers. COH provides food, medical care, blankets, support for the disabled and the hope that only faith in Christ can provide. More than 4 million refugees have crossed the border from Syria into Lebanon. Fleeing from crisis, refugee families are met with care LEARN MORE HELP TODAY ISRAEL We broadcast Biblically-based radio programs on stations heard by over 200 million people across the region. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY IRAQ We give out booklets that answer questions about Christ and train and counsel new believers in their faith. In this way. Frontline Workers are reaching the nation of Iraq at a pivotal time in history. Already, thousands have responded to the good news! In Iraq, a history of violence between Muslim denominations leaves many searching for answers to life’s tough questions. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY IRAN this region with the Gospel by giving out Christian booklets in the native language. When Muslims have questions, they are able to talk with frontline workers to find out more about faith in Christ. Thankfully, many are responding and coming to Christ! Azeri Iranians are the second largest ethnic group in Iran and nearly 100% are Muslim. Today Call of Hope is focused on reaching LEARN MORE HELP TODAY GAMBIA We broadcast Biblically-based radio programs on stations heard by over 200 million people across the region. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY GHANA and a doorway to hearing the Gospel message. Through this life changing project, entire villages are being transformed and many are coming to know Christ. More than 60 Farmer Evangelists are reaching into the remotest parts of northern Ghana with the life-saving Gospel message. Africa is home to some of the world’s poorest countries. In Ghana, The Call of Hope “Goat Project” is providing children with an education LEARN MORE HELP TODAY NIGERIA Although the situation in the country is extremely dangerous, Call of Hope frontline workers are demonstrating the love of Jesus and boldly proclaiming the Gospel. Courageous team members are venturing into perilous areas replacing Bibles and hymn books destroyed by the terror group. Northern Nigeria is one of the most dangerous regions in the world for Christians. For several intense years, Boko Haram has terrorized the region. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY SUDAN God has provided unique and flexible strategies to share the Gospel in this dangerous climate. Evangelistic and leadership training meetings are held in churches; women are being counseled and vocationally trained in prisons; evangelistic sports events are held, and humanitarian relief efforts are carried out. Despite intense oppression and persecution, the Gospel is advancing in northern Sudan. There is nothing easy about being a Christian in northern Sudan; in fact, Sudan is one of the most brutal Islamic dictatorships in the world. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY ETHIOPIA Booklets are given out daily to the curious, answering common questions Muslims have about Jesus and the Bible. Many respond with questions and frontline workers are able to counsel them one on one. Already, many have made a decision to follow Christ! Ethiopia is home to more than 25 million Muslims. Our frontline workers are committed to reaching each one with the message of the Gospel. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY KENYA don’t believe in the “true Quran”. Some parts of Kenya seem nearly impossible to reach with the Gospel, but with God, we are daring the impossible. For the past 20 years, we have distributed Christian literature to the most unreached areas of Kenya. The terror organization Al-Shabab “Young Warriors of Allah” is determined to cleanse East Africa of Christians and to kill both Christians and Muslims who LEARN MORE HELP TODAY TANZANIA COH staff responds to enquirers, sending them letters, booklets and books, as well as leading them to websites where they will find extensive resource material in their languages. COH’s trained, experienced staff also responds to feedback from radio listeners by mail and email, answering spiritual questions from Muslims about Christianity. Team members have personal one to one meetings with seekers in prearranged locations to begin relationship and trust building. Muslims make up nearly 35% of the Tanzanian population. COH distributes literature in English and Swahili and conducts seminars throughout Tanzania. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY ZAMBIA with evangelistic booklets in their native language. When Muslim seekers receive these booklets, many write to our frontline workers with questions about Jesus, often leading to a relationship with Christ! Although Zambia is a majority Christian country, some people groups are 97% Muslim. We are reaching these Muslims LEARN MORE HELP TODAY NAMIBIA are established and nurtured. Evangelistic booklets are designed to answer specific questions Muslims have about Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus. Namibia has a small but growing Muslim community. Evangelistic literature is distributed to Muslim seekers and relationships LEARN MORE HELP TODAY ZIMBABWE that are interested in Christianity. Our frontline workers are committed to seeing lives transformed with the Gospel in Zimbabwe! We are reaching the people of Zimbabwe with Christian literature and Bibles, as well as one-on-one counseling and teaching for Muslim’s LEARN MORE HELP TODAY MOZAMBIQUE In these areas, Christian literature is distributed to the curious and common questions are answered. Many Muslims are responding with questions and frontline workers are able to engage them one to one. Mozambique has long historical ties to the Islamic world today some pockets of the country are very densely populated with Muslims. LEARN MORE HELP TODAY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA In Chicago’s Little India neighborhood, Call of Hope has opened a book store which doubles as a community support center. This area of the city is densely populated with Muslims and our goal is to reach them with the love of Christ. On any day, the center is available to browse books in native languages, make photocopies, access Wi-Fi or have a hot cup of coffee. We are also actively reaching the community through youth clubs, tutoring, ESL classes, luncheons and more. All of this with the goal of sharing the hope that is found in Christ!

MIDDLE EASt, NORTH America, & Europe

  • We broadcast Biblically-based radio programs on stations heard by over 200 million people across the region. This is accompanied by follow-through on the ground, church planting, and providing safe houses for Muslim background believers.
  • We demonstrate the love of Christ by providing food, medicine, Bible based literature, discipleship and church planting.
  • We minister to the physical and spiritual needs of countless refugees who have fled their countries.
  • We operate a medical, vocational skills training and spiritual mentorship program for the disabled.
  • We operate a center for literature production and distribution, as well as engage in relationship building and follow-through with readers. This includes visits to disciple interested readers regularly, as well as organizing discipleship Bible study groups in cities across the region. 


  • We produce and distribute Scripture and Biblically based literature (print and digital).
  • We hold evangelistic meetings and outreach ministries. These include discipleship training, sports and youth outreach, food distribution, shelter, and fellowship ministry to persecuted women and children who were divorced and abandoned because of their faith in Christ.
  • We broadcast Biblically-based radio programs, and provide follow-up on the ground through trained pastor evangelists who live and serve in hostile areas controlled by Muslim terrorist groups.
  • We help new converts from Islam who undergo severe persecution and threats of death from terror groups and other Islamic zealots. Many homes are burned and Call of Hope provides assistance with rebuilding, and new Bibles and hymnbooks.
  • We engage in livelihood programs such as distributing fertilizer to farmers, providing agricultural training, and offering micro-grants to enable the opening of shops to provide income.  
  • Numerous churches have been planted throughout Africa in order to strengthen and grow newly converted Muslims in their faith in Christ.


  • We produce and distribute Scripture and other Biblically based literature in mother tongues. (print and digital).
  • We collaborate with local Bible societies to conduct training seminars.
  • We provide safe houses to persecuted Christians in the region.
  • We respond to natural disasters with emergency supplies, food and shelter.

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