Highlighted Projects

Bibles for muslims

Throughout the Muslim world, converting to Christianity is a courageous decision. Often rejected by their loved ones and risking their lives, new Christians yearn for the truth, encouragement, and peace found in the Bible. You can help bring light into the darkness!

Partner with us to bring the light of God’s Word to the Muslim world.  

Only $4.50 will provide a Bible to a Muslim seeking Christ or a new Muslim-background believer.

Emergency relief for syrian refugees

Syria was once an epicenter of early Christianity, and the Syrian church, the oldest church outside the Holy Land. Syria’s famed Umayyad Mosque, one of the four holiest mosques in Islam, was once the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

In 634 AD, Muslim Arabs led by Khalid ibn al-Walid conquered Syria, and the Islamic empire annexed the region. In the mid-7th century, the Umayyad dynasty, then rulers of the empire, placed the capital of the empire in Damascus.

Most Muslims believe when Isa (Jesus) returns to earth, it will be to Damascus. Damascus is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities. In this ancient city, it is possible to stroll down the same street called “Straight” once strolled by the Apostle Paul, surrounded by Roman column ruins. One can behold the same ancient stone perimeter wall over which Paul was lowered in a basket. Damascus is home to the glittering wares of Souk Al Hamidiya, Turkish baths, brilliantly colored and scented spice markets…and now, civil war.

Syria is in the throes of a bloody conflict: a polarized, armed standoff between pro-Assad forces, rebels, and now ISIS fighters is decimating the country leaving millions of civilians struggling to simply survive. In fact, several million Syrian refugees have fled the fighting, starvation and persecution for refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Syria’s future is uncertain. What is certain is that Syrian refugees need immediate aid: food, medical care, blankets, and the hope that only faith in Christ can provide.

A small gift of $26 helps provide food, blankets and the Gospel message to a refugee family.  Please consider giving today!

SAFEHOUSE for persecuted new christians

Call of Hope provides safe haven for Muslims who have recently converted to Christianity. Many of these new converts are persecuted for giving their lives to Christ and some even have to flee for their lives. Leaving all of their earthly possessions behind, they need a fresh start. In North Africa, we are providing shelter, food, and clothing for new believers and their families. Will you partner with us in our Safe House efforts? 

For $100, we can provide food, clothing, and a safe place for two weeks for new believers.

Please partner with us to help keep our new persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ safe.

Goat Project

The Call of Hope “Goat Project” provides a female goat to Christian families. When the goat produces offspring, they can be sold at market and the proceeds can be used for school fees and other necessary items for the children to receive their education.

Since its inception, over 10,000 goats have been provided to vulnerable children and their families in Ghana and Nigeria. Once neighboring Muslims witnessed the success of the program, they began asking for goats as well. Call of Hope then began including Muslim children in the program, which offered the unique opportunity to share the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Support Frontline workers

Most of Call of Hope’s Front Line Workers are former Muslims themselves. Men and women once trapped by Islamic beliefs temporarily blinded from the truth of Jesus Christ. Miraculously, each Call of Hope Front Line Worker was saved by the blood of Jesus as one by one, in often dramatic circumstances, they placed their faith and trust in the Lord! The entire ministry of Call of Hope has been built on the courageous and passionate service of these mighty servants of God as they brave separation from families, extreme ridicule, and even death, to return to their people and boldly proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ!

You can play a large and vital part in what God is doing to bring lost Muslims to Himself in terror-torn Nigeria and throughout the Islamic world, through Call of Hope!

Here how the work of call of hope has changed lives across the globe