One goat can change a life forever...


It is amazing how one goat can change the lives of an entire family! Damata, a mother in West Africa shares her story. “This year my entire family has been greatly blessed by our goats. Firstly, in the months of June and July (our yearly lean period), we did not have any food. We sold one of our goats to buy some maize that sustained us until harvesting time.  Secondly, in September my daughter had an admission to school and we were able to pay her school fees by selling two of the young goats. We as a family are very thankful  for the Goat Project. Jesus has blessed us greatly!”

Village life can be hard in West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria.  The daily struggle for sustenance is severely compounded when former Muslims become Christians. Shunned by those around them after conversion, these poor families are marginalized and suffer greatly because of their faith in Christ.  Knowing this prompted Call of Hope to introduce a practical ministry to help these new believers, who are not even able to afford to send their children to school. It has come to be known as the “Goat Project.”

The Call of Hope “Goat Project” provides a female goat to Christian families. When the goat produces offspring, they can be sold at market and the proceeds can be used for school fees and other necessary items for the children to receive their education.

Since its inception, over 15,000 goats have been provided to vulnerable children and their families in Ghana and Nigeria. Once neighboring Muslims witnessed the success of the program, they began asking for goats as well. Call of Hope then began including Muslim children in the program, which offered the unique opportunity to share the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After becoming a widow due to her husband’s death in a tribal conflict, a single mother of four received a goat for her eldest daughter when the child was of junior high age. Within a short period of time, the goat produced 10 offspring and she was able to sell some to finance her high school education. She achieved high grades and is waiting to enroll in a higher level of schooling! The entire family marvels at how blessed they are through the Call of Hope gift of just a single goat!

Yasanja is the only son of a poor widow who was also presented with a goat from Call of Hope. In due course the animal multiplied to 6 small goats and his mother sold 5 to purchase a cow. Now, young Yasanja and his siblings will all be able to go to school! The family plans to purchase a small goat and donate it to another needy family!

If God has used these stories to touch your heart, please consider providing a child the simple, but life-changing gift of a goat! For just $60 USD, you can mightily bless a poor family in West Africa and build a bridge to reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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