Empowering an Underground Church in Morocco…

Call of Hope in Morocco

“Anyone who breaks the faith of a Muslim or converts him to a different religion will be punished with up to six months in prison.” This is Article 220 of the Moroccan law that punishes Christian mission work, falling away from Islam, and any usage of the Arabic Bible.

-Total Population: 35,740,000
-31 People Groups
-27 Unreached People Groups
-Unreached Population: 33,245,000
-Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
-Muslim Population: 99.6%
-Official Language: Arabic, Standard

Morocco has been nearly 100% Muslim for more then 1,000 years and is known for difficult living conditions, grinding poverty, human rights abuses, and religious persecution. According to the U.S. State Department, as high as 30% of urban Moroccan males are unemployed.

Despite accusations against the Moroccan king for not being harsh enough against missionaries and Christians, Call of Hope Frontline Workers risk arrest and interrogation to reach the nation of Morocco with the Gospel message.


A Little History

Within 40 years of Muhammad's death in A.D. 632, Muslim Arabs conquered Morocco. Once an early epicenter of Christianity and a province of the Byzantine Empire, Morocco became part of the first Islamic Empire and served as the Muslim bridge to take West Africa. The original Moroccan Berbers resisted fiercely and were converted to Islam only at sword point. In 2012, Morocco instated an Islamist government. The state-run media focuses constantly on religion. Christianity is discredited and often wrongly portrayed. Many Moroccans question if this portrayal of Christians is realistic and search for truth. Those who convert, however, are forced to be cautious so they meet in discreet areas to worship and grow further in Christ.


Our work in morocco

  • Connected 1,000 former Muslims to house churches

  • Correspondence with 1,300 Moroccan Muslims each year

  • Reaching three million Berbers each week with 52 radio programs.

  • Producing 1,000 copies of the first Berber Bible

  • Distributing 1,300 CDs of worship songs and Scripture

  • Printed 2,000 Gospel books for Muslim seekers

  • Connecting Bedouin children with Christian children in camps

  • Training and equipping house church leaders

For more than thirty years, Call of Hope has worked with indigenous co-workers in Morocco, operating a radio ministry that generates many listener responses each month, engaging in church planting, and providing Bible training and a safe-haven retreat house for Muslim-background believers.

Our strategic media ministry introduces Moroccan Muslims to Christ through Berber language radio programs, printed booklets in Arabic answering common Muslim questions about Christ, and praise music in the Berber language and musical style. All of these media elements are reinforced through personal evangelism and discipleship. Over a dozen house churches have been planted in Morocco, making it possible to connect seekers and new believers with church fellowships.

Call of Hope also operates retreat and training centers in Morocco with hundreds of Muslim-background believers visiting each year. A support system of Christians is critical, because many lose family support.

While providing Bible training, shutters are closed, and windows are made of sound-proof glass. Call of Hope has secured a second safe house in Morocco, as the first center in the south is more than a 10 hours one-way from converts in the north and too small for the growing number of Christians who need counseling, teaching, and fellowship.

Underground Training center for persecuted new christians

Persecuted Christians

In North Africa, Call of Hope provides a training center for new believers that will keep them safe from persecution and empower them with effective leadership training. 

The project provides extensive teaching in Christian theology and evangelism in order to equip Christians to impact the Muslim world with the message of The Gospel. The Training Center is already playing a critical role in growing the Christian church in North Africa as it empowers and networks future christian leaders so that they can effectively reach and disciple others. Many of the new believers who have gone through the training curriculum have established thriving ministries in the region. 

Media Ministry

Today in Morocco, Muslims are coming to Christ through radio programs, printed booklets in Arabic answering common Muslim questions about Jesus, and praise music in the Berber language and musical style. Radio program listeners are invited to write Call of Hope with questions. A Moroccan Muslim-background believer in COH's correspondence department is the primary responder to these questions. The addresses of those most interested to learn about Jesus are hand delivered to our worker on the ground. He or his team members meet with seekers first in a cafe and then in their homes, finally connecting them to house churches.

Call of Hope completed the translation and printing of the first New Testament in Berber and Old Testament in partnership with Wycliffe. The Berber Bibles refer readers to COH's correspondence address and website, which contains biblical articles in Berber and Arabic. Call of Hope praise music and CDs include original Tachelhit Berber songs and music with Bible verses woven throughout and also refer listeners to COH's correspondence address and website.

For $100, we can provide food, Teaching materials and safety to christians in North Africa. Please partner with us as we train the future church leaders of Morocco.