North Africa

A Former Muslim explains the difference between Islam and Christianity.


What is the biggest difference between Christianity and Islam? Just ask Karim. As one of the newest Christians to find Christ through Call of Hope’s radio ministry in North Africa, Karim has a fresh perspective on the two belief systems. 

Since he was very young, Karim was taught that the Christian faith was wrong. They told him that Jesus was never crucified and that Christians worship three different Gods. He grew up his whole life thinking this way, until he heard God’s Word with his own ears.

During his work as an agricultural engineer for the local government, Karim enjoys listening to the radio. One day as he was scanning the radio he heard the Call of Hope radio broadcast. For the first time, Karim was introduced to the true Gospel message, not what his Islamic teachers had told him. 

He was so curious about everything he was hearing. Could God really love him unconditionally? Could he really be sure about his place in eternity? He took his questions and objections to Call of Hope’s Frontline Worker Thamir. 

Karim and Thamir began discussing the Bible regularly and read Christian booklets produced by Call of Hope. These booklets are designed to answer common questions Muslims have, like “Is their one Gospel or four?” and “What is the difference between the Gospel and the Koran?”

After months of reading the Bible and COH booklets, Karim asked Thamir what he had to do to become a Christian. “How many witnesses do I need?” He inquired. “How can I speak a valid Christian testimony of faith?” Thamir once again took the opportunity to explain the difference between Christianity and Islam. He told Karim that there are no special words and no witnesses are needed. All that he had to do was speak to God with an honest heart.  That day, Thamir led him in a prayer of salvation! Karim said, “I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and my Saviour, who died on the cross for my sins. Lord Jesus, I thank you with all my heart that I belong to Your people today and will be with you in heaven.”

Like many Mnew Christians in the Muslim world, life didn’t get any easier after conversion. Just a month later, Karim’s co-workers at the Department of Agriculture began to notice that he wasn’t attending the mosque, and he continually talked about “The God of Love.” 

One day, a mistake happened at Karim’s work that led to many cows getting sick and dying from the medicine they were producing. Immediately Karim’s co-workers began to blame him. They knew this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Karim. As a result of this mistake, Karim was immediately suspended and his employer launched an investigation. 

Karim earnestly prayed that God would help him during this difficult time. He asked God to help him prove his innocence. Just a few days later, Karim received a phone call that he could hardly believe. The employee who had actually made the mistake had come clean and admitted that it was his mistake, not Karim’s.

When Karim returned to work, his co-workers congratulated him and apologized sincerely for the accusations. His employer even gave him extended paid vacation time to apologize for the misunderstanding about the incident. 

Karim called Frontline Worker Thamir and told him the incredible news. He said. “I’m reading the word of God every day and I know that our heavenly father is taking care of his children and doesn’t leave them all alone. This is what I have experienced today!” 

Before Christ, Karim lived in fear of the wrath of Allah but now he can rests in the arms if his heavenly father who loves him and cares for him!

So what is the difference between Islam and Christianity? Just ask Karim. 

What is Life Like for Women in Muslim Countries?


Have you ever wondered what life is like for women in Muslim countries? What is it like to wear a veil in public? How can they stand being treated like second-class citizens, or even property? Why can their husbands beat them without repercussions for any reason?

In order to fully understand how the women of Islam are treated, all one would need to do is glance at Sharia Law, the legal framework laid out in the Quran that governs many Muslim communities.  As difficult as life is for women in Muslim society, the situation is far worse for former Muslim women who have converted to Christianity

Jesus warns us in Mathew 5:11 that His followers may face persecution, and there is no better example of this than Christian women in Muslim society. Culturally, a Christian woman is considered to be the lowest of the low in these communities. Under the threat of danger and persecution, as well as the sting of rejection from family and friends, these women are hurting. Alone and afraid, many women converts wonder where to turn. In response to their cry for help, God is moving in miraculous ways!

Through prayer and support from the global Christian church, many of these women converts have undergone a total transformation. In one instance, Yasmine, a young Muslim woman from North Africa heard the message of the Gospel from the ministry of Call of Hope, she recalls:

 "As you spoke in my own language, I was able to understand your message clearly. I understood that since the beginning we are sinful and that we are in need for forgiveness. I understood that only God can clean our sins and not as I thought in Islam through good deeds, prayer, and fasting."

Across the Muslim world, women like Yasmine are coming to know Jesus - but after converting to Christianity, life can become much more difficult. Former Muslims who have converted to Christianity have made this decision knowing the dangers they will face. Unlike the religious freedoms that are enjoyed in the west, these Christian converts are risking their own lives as well as the lives of loved ones for the sake of the Cross.

In order to support these courageous women, Call of Hope has created training centers throughout the Muslim world.  Through these centers women are provided Biblical teaching, Spiritual counsel and guidance, training on how to evangelize their Muslim friends and neighbors, and often equipped with life skills like sewing, cooking and food production.  Most importantly though they are strengthen and encouraged in their faith.

Women who once had nowhere to turn are now able to grow spiritually as they receive Biblical training. In turn, many of them lead other women to Christ!  Call of Hope also connects these women to local house churches so that they can receive the ongoing support they need going forward.  


Through the power of Jesus, former Muslim women are going from convert, to Christian evangelist as they fearlessly spread the Gospel message to their neighbors in the Muslim world.

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